1. Declaration of Madness feat. Louie Rankin (Prod. by Sentury Status)
2. Killflow feat. J Reno (Prod. by Anno Domini)
3. Bang! Bang! (Alternate Version) feat. Psych Ward (Prod. by Al’Tarba)
4. Money feat. Suspect, Swann, Sunny Diesel & Major Charges (Prod. by J Nyce)
5. Dead in the Streets feat. Necro, Demunz & Psych Ward (Prod. by J Nyce)
6. Everlasting feat. Mr Erbie, Veeko Caine & Mersinary (Prod. by Kommander)
7. Out Da Crypts feat. J Reno, Sean Strange & Shallow Pockets (Prod. by Sentury Status)
8. Walk Away (Remix) feat. ILL Bill, Ironic & So Sick Social Club (Prod. by Voodoo Drew)
9. The War Within feat. Kid Fade (Prod. by J Nyce)
10. The Wrath (Metal Remix) feat. Danny Diablo, Final Trigger, Mersinary, J Reno & Shallow Pockets (Prod. by Final Trigger)
11. Pull Us Over feat. Suspect & Adlib (Prod. by Mista Mayotte)
12. The Bank Heist feat. Psych Ward (Prod. by J Nyce)
13. Outer Dimensional (Interlude) Prod. by Graph Wize
14. Bodies in the Trunk feat. Veeko Caine, Mersinary & Seen B (Prod. by Sentury Status)
15. Global Domination (Original Demo Version) feat. Snowgoons, Lord Lhus, Riviera Regime, Sicknature, Psych Ward & Chief Kamachi (Prod. by Snowgoons)
16. Wake Up feat. J Nyce & Shallow Pockets (Prod. by Junior Makhno)
17. Chop Stars feat. Suspect & Ironic (Prod. by Sentury Status)
18. Brujeria feat. Veeko Caine (Prod. by Veeko Caine)
19. Trauma Case Freestyle feat. Seen B (Prod. by Sentury Status)
20. Party in a Limo feat. Klee Magor (Prod. by Sentury Status)
21. From Hell feat. ODoub, J Reno, Raw B Snatch & Swann (Prod. by Sentury Status)
22. Wastelands feat. Luca Mele & Bizarre (Prod. by Voodoo Drew)
23. The Undertaker Freestyle feat. Veeko Caine (Prod. by Veeko Caine)
24. Psycho Thuggin’ feat. Shallow Pockets & J Nyce (Prod. by Junior Makhno)
25. Dead Prime Ministers feat. Shallow Pockets (Prod. by J Nyce)
26. Breathe Life into a Carcass feat. J Reno (Prod. by Anno Domini)
27. Something feat. Shallow Pockets & J Nyce (Prod. by Kolak)
28. Cold World feat. Snowgoons, Impakt, Swann, Jah Youth, Methadist, Raw B Snatch & M Deezy (Prod. by Snowgoons)
29. Checkmate feat. SurRealist, Vision & Trissy (Prod. by J Nyce)
30. The Underworld (Extended Universal Remix) Prod. by Sentury Status


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