1. Legends In the Game (feat. Hell Rell & Wesley Valentine)
2. A Piece of the Action (feat. Kokane & Larry Live)
3. O.G.z (feat. Phat Kat, Vstylez & Elzhi)
4. Heavy Hittaz (feat. Boldy James & Vstylez)
5. A+ (feat. Loe Louis, Fuzz Scoota & Pacewon)
6. Chess Never Checkers (feat. Kool G Rap & Guilty Simpson)
7. The Crib (feat. Big Tone)
8. Juicy Fruit (feat. Street Lord Juan)
9. Spirit of Detroit (feat. Supa Emcee, Sylvio Vega, Mu & Big Rube)
10. I Rather Be Judged (feat. KonPhlict, Dogmatc, Slauhta Red & Joey Bishop)
11. Dominating (feat. Strike & Journalist)
12. Land of the Lost (feat. Seven the General, Lady Syruz, Syruz Grizm & BO$$)
13. EBT Card (feat. Clementine Yett)
14. Special Thanks (feat. Mist)

Una respuesta a DJ Dez & DJ Butter – A Piece Of The Action (2014)

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