1. Walther PPK
2. And They Hide Their Eyes ft. D-Sisive
3. Anti-Anthem of the Deadbeat
4. Cyborgs on the Moon ft. Escrol and Whitney Delion
5. High Bias/Unstuck in Whatever
6. Gold Cartridge To Purple Tape
7. Volcano Dust Interlude
8. Briefcases
9. Looneys ft. Buck N’ Nice and Zeebot
10. Bottom of the Ocean ft. Whitney Delion
11. A-Alike B-Alike
12. Tree of Smoke
13. Imaginary Friends
14. Carambola, or Rome Was Built In A Day
15. Same Shit, Different Year 
16. Three-Headed Dog Interlude
17. Worth ft. Theology 3 and Whitney Delion
18. Wrath of the Siamese-Skull King Outro

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