1. ILL Skillz
2. A Toast
3. Down By The River (feat. Rellik)
4. Para-Dice (feat. Plex)
5. Say Whatcha Like (feat. Slaine, Snak The Ripper & Dj Shortop)
6. Rooftops (feat. Yak Dollaz)
7. Rap Shit (feat. Ra The Rugged Man & Dj Shortop)
8. How We Ride (feat. Chayne)
9. Supabad
10. Different Kinda Krazy (feat. Sean Price, Dj Shortop, Roberto Demento, Sean Price, Dj Shortop & Roberto Demento)
11. Blow Down
12. Dont Touch The Merchandise
13. Hip Hopz N Barley
14. Die Young
15. Dirty White Boys (feat. Slaine (La Coka Nostra) & Dj Shortop)
16. Dont Provoke
17. Gzus Iz Here
18. One Bullet
19. Tie That Binds (feat. Baby Gzus)
20. Another Battle
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