1. They’re Coming Intro
2. Play No Games (feat. Dr. Phil)
3. Menace With a Gift (feat. M-Deini, Knight & Capcizza)
4. Pain of Nothing (feat. Alex Sosa, Empuls & Divinity)
5. Out of Love Into War Interlude
6. Win or Lose (feat. Dini Dolla, Judah Priest & Fes Taylor)
7. Pain Music (feat. Kollision, Suezar & Crook)
8. Too Late (feat. Tha God Sin & Black Kings)
9. Heroin Republic (feat. Lost Children of Babylon & Dainjamental)
10. Judgement Day (feat. Maria Lynn, Kollsion & Legacy)
11. Amy Winehouse (feat. Wise King, Tha God Sin & Crook)
12. Bare Witness (feat. Legacy & Ty da Tyrant)
13. Run This Town (feat. Kollision, Fes Taylor & Gilitene)
14. Raw Format (feat. Masta of Ceremoniez, Godilla & Billy Ballantine)
15. Walk the Line (feat. Dr. Phil, Fes Taylor & Mizery)



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