1. Ras Kass Message
2. Kingpin’s Canvas (Prod. Camoflauge Monk)
3. Hamlet (ft. Tekh Togo, Woozy Medz) (Prod. M.W.P.)
4. The Listening (Prod. DJ HouseShoes)
5. Planet Asia Message
6. Pyramid Balconies (ft. TriState) (Prod. Camoflauge Monk)
7. Coke Opera (ft. D-Strong, Sean Rosati) (Prod. TCOR)
8. Mach Hommy Message
9. Xerox Glocks (ft. Mach Hommy) (Prod. Vic Grimes)
10. Frank The Butcher Message
11. Butcher Empire (Prod. Frank The Butcher)
12. Love Us (ft. Planet Asia, Rozewood) (Prod. DirtyDiggs)
13. Mom’s Message
14. Brown Sugar (ft. D’Angelo) (Wes Pendleton Remix)
15. Marvelous Mag Message
16. Fetti (ft. Marvelous Mag, SmooVth) (Prod. Camoflauge Monk)
17. Victims Of Vogue (ft. WestsideGunn) (Prod. Daringer)
18. The Message (ft. Asia J) (Prod. HTN)
19. Sagine Message
20. Dear Jewelz (Prod. Lord Finesse)
21. Mike Raw (of The UN) Message
22. Sky Walk (ft. Rast RFC) (Prod. Camoflauge Monk)
23. SmooVth Message
24. HBO: Love At The Store (ft. Milano, SmooVth) (Prod. DJ Premier)
25. Jazz (Roc Marciano’s Manager) Message
26. Playoffs (Prod. Roc Marciano)
27. Hourglass RMX (ft. Rozewood) (Prod. Tom Van Vechten)
28. Renee (Prod. Mr. Sex)


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