1.Welcome (Intro) – Cuts by DJ Obsek (R.I.P.), DJ Opé, DJ Coach One & DJ Extremidiz
2.Dark Realm
3.Axe of Nature (ft. Childish)
4.My Heroes are Dead (ft. Baby Jayne) – Cuts by DJ Trickalome
5.The Outer Limits (ft. Rukas, Sadida & Edison Av) – Cuts by DJ Loop Skywalker
6.Revenge of the Hunted (ft. Joey Menza) – Cuts by DJ TMB
7.The Ark of Noah
8.The Sun’s Core (ft. Dr. Creep & Darren G) – Cuts by DJ AbbFunk
9.Fight Song (ft. Baby Jayne) – Cuts by DJ Modesty
10.Butterfly Knives (ft. Verb & Childish)
11.Better Days (Interlude)
12.Wrath of the Fallen – Cuts by DJ Joon
13.Ballad of the Cursed (ft. Sikadelik & Iguan) – Cuts by DJ Joon
14.Lullaby of Dead Men (ft. Alpha Sigma) – Cuts by DJ Madhandz
15.Stone Heart (ft. Omen Ra & Samuel Tafari)
16.Phantoms of the Underground (ft. Speciez) – Cuts by DJ Djaz
17.Blade of Kings (ft. Killer Falcon & Rated R) – Cuts by Crown of Grim Reaperz
18.Myndz Over Matter (ft. Unkn?wN of Wyze Myndz) – Cuts by DJ Fellbaum
19.Masakari Blades (ft. JAI Pera & The Jotaka)
20.Agony & Sorrow (ft. Ganjre The Giant)
21.Spartan’s Death – Cuts by Drew Dollars
22.Mad World (Outro)


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