1.Audible Clouds (Prod by Al Dali)
2.Take Notice (Prod by Jay Alpha)
3.Bring The 90’s Back Ft. Lemar French x Hubbs (Prod by MrBostonBeatdown)
4.Pretty Woman (Prod by Alpha One)
5.Loser (Prod by Nefarious Black)
6.Parker Lewis (Prod by Aso.)
7.Super Raw Ft. Jon Quest w/ cut by DJKB (Prod by 6Press)
8.So Many Reasons (Prod by MrBostonBeatdown)
9.Friends (Prod by MrBostonBeatdown)
10.Check It Out (Prod by Czientist)
11.Run (Prod by YungFoodStamp)
12.Nothing To Prove (Prod by RickyReasonz)
13.Finally (Prod by MrBostonBeatdown)


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