01 Da Eremite Of Babylon (Intro)
02 Dungeons (ft. Verb, The Jotaka Perverse)
(Prod. by D.C.B.)
03 Udinskiy Style (ft. Gravestoneface, Katha)
(Prod. by Cheeld)
04 Last Poet (ft. Sumer)
(Prod. by Sumer)
05 Sound Assassin (Interlude by D.C.B.)
06 Warhead (ft. Dark Energy)
(Prod. by D.C.B.)
07 Mysterious Asia
(Prod. by Ramanych)
08 Apocalypse (ft. Dr. Creep, Perfect K)
(Prod. by Sumer)
09 Faith (Interlude by Toschiy)
10 Warrior Templar (ft. Onse TSW)
(Prod. by D.C.B.)
11 Legend Of Swords
(Prod. by Sumer)
12 Cold Breath (ft. Killa Milla, Asaru One)
(Cutz by Dj Joon) (Prod. by D.C.B.)
13 Next Chapter (Interlude by Old Child)
14 Legend Of Da Eremite (ft. Sumer)
(Prod. by Toschiy)
15 Poor Food (ft. Matt Foy, Onse TSW, DaSunOfSam)
(Prod. by D.C.B.)
16 No Retreat (ft. Taras Vostochniy, D.C.B., KiLLaANT, M-13, Voha GRY) (Prod. by Baty)
17 World Of Kung-Fu (Outro)
(Prod. by D.C.B.)


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