1. O’ren Ishii Katana [Beat by George Kush]
2. Goblin Valley (ft. Ralph The Ruckus & Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Joey Menza]
3. Children of Shadows (ft. Habeas Corpus) [Beat by DJ Rhum’1]
4. The Plot Thickens (ft. Ralph The Ruckus) [Beat by Phlegm Atically]
5. Where Darkness Blossoms [Beat by The Hearse]
6. The Gathering (ft. General X, Childish, Ralph The Ruckus, Alpha Sigma, RyPa & DJ Madhandz) [Beat by Crown of Grim Reaperz]
7. Barbarians at the Gate (ft. General X & Damien Page) [Beat by Stradivarius]
8. Silhouette of Doom (ft. Childish) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
9. Harbingers of Def (ft. Astro Jones & DJ Coach 1) [Beat by Iron Fizt]


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