Thanks to HHB.

01. Yuk! (prod. by DJ Reef)
02. Generation Ugli Hands feat. Josh The Janitor, Nation & Charlie Schits (prod. by Godsun)
03. Nomads feat. Chief Kamachi, ANU322 & Danegerous (prod. by 5th Element)
04. Golden feat. Josh The Janitor (prod. by Keko)
05. Shrinks (3rd Eye Remix) feat. Pacewon (prod. by EVB)
06. Musica Belica feat. Sinalokos Tropa (prod. by Vherbal)
07. Pandemonium feat. Diabolic, Danegerous & ANU322 (prod. by Vherbal)
08. So Frightening feat. DJ Reef & Davon (prod. by DJ Reef)
09. Birth Of A Tyrant (prod. by Junior Makhno) / Mijo (prod. by Keko)
10. Rotten Apples feat. Boxguts & Mike2Twenty (prod. by Chum Chopz)
11. Moonstruck feat. Jak Progresso (prod. by C Plex)
12. Boostin’ And Buddha feat. LoDeck (prod. by Blockhead)
13. Brute feat. Indrid Cold (prod. by Keko)
14. Sob Story feat. C Plex, Boxguts & Mike2Twenty (prod. by Blockhead)
15. Then & Now feat. Labal S (prod. by MagOwl)
16. Astrological Pestilence (prod. by 5th Element)
17. Fading Illumination feat. Danegerous & ANU322 (prod. by Vherbal)
18. Dead Man Walking feat. C-Rayz Walz, Sav Killz & Lex Starwind (prod. by herbal)
19. The Code feat. Raekwon & LoDeck (prod. by Snowgoons)
20. Oh Vagrant Of Mine (prod. by DJ Reef)
21. Caminare feat. Don Pelon (prod. by Don Pelon)

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