1. The Initiation (Prod. R’Sonist (The Heatmakerz))
2. Rites of Passage (Prod. Southpaw)
3. Mood Music (Prod. Southpaw, Akir)
4. Grind (Prod. Southpaw)
5. Treason Feat. Immortal Technique (Prod. DJ Static)
6. This Is Your Life (Part 2) (Prod. Dada (The Golden Child))
7. Kunta Kinte (Prod. Y.G.)
8. Politricks (Prod. Akir)
9. Apocalypse (Prod. Fyre Dept.)
10. Change Of The Seasons Feat. Hasan Salaam (Prod. Southpaw)
11. Ressurect Feat. Akua Wilder, Krystl Yardon (Prod. Illastrate)
12. Ride 2 It (Prod. Akir)
13. No Longer My Home Feat. Mojo (Prod. Akir)
14. These R The Blues (Prod. Southpaw)
15. Pedigree (Prod. Den’D Productions)
16. So Much  (Prod. DJ Infinit)
17. Homeward Bound Feat. Dada (The Golden Child))
18. Tropical Fantasy Feat. Jean Grae (Prod. Southpaw)
19. Legacy    Feat. Mas-D, Veks-One (Prod. Apex)
20. The Louisiana Purchase Feat. Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Mojo (Prod. Southpaw, Akir)

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