1. Intro
2. Disciples of Rap
3. Shamballah Mafia (feat. Decipher)
4. Represent (feat. Hindurock)
5. Bombs In the City (feat. I of the Heavens)
6. Skit
7. Code of Honor
8. The Round Table (feat. SageInfinite)
9. Born Cipher (feat. Decipher)
10. Rules of the Game
11. Payne Revisited (feat. Oz Arc Raider)
12. Wreck The Halls (feat. Grimface Mindstate)
13. Sinister (feat. Saheed, Ill-Mega & SageInfinite)
14. My Intuition (feat. Candace Meyer & Decipher)
15. Radar Optics
16. Feel the Wrath
17. Banishing Demons (feat. SageInfinite)
18. It’s Over
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