01. One Universal Family (Intro) (Prod By Terrorista Indigo)
02. Impeccable Penalties (Prod By Soul Diggah)
03. Double Jeopardy (Prod By Reok)
04. Kim (Prod By Moral Uac)
05. The Inner Polygraph (Prod By Soul Diggah)
06. Bludievocab Feat. Demo (Prod By Severe)
07. City Slicker (Prod By Icbm)
08. Narrative Of (Prod By Icbm)
09. Medication Time (Prod By Moral Uac)
10. 500mg Feat. Mega (Prod By Dreamtek)
11. Diesel Fueled Feat. Paradize (Prod By Dreamtek)
12. Spictacular (Prod By Mexsounds)
13. Mercury Leakage (Prod By Icbm)
14. He Loves You (Prod Moral Uac)
15. High Exhaulted (Prod By Pech Beat)
16. Mahthang (Prod By Kunde)
17. Susceptible Minds (Outro) (Prod By Gico)


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