1.Calm Before The Storm Intro (ft. T.D. Francis)
2.Freestyle 1 (ft. B. Down)
3.Revolution (ft. Slept On Fam)
4.Come Over To My Place (ft. Grey Matter)
5.I Want You (ft. John Graham)
6.Like That (ft. Tone Liv, Respect (Tha God) and Godilla)
7.Lie To Kick It (ft. Big Meridox)
8.The One (ft. Gramma Marksman)
9.Same Bullshit (ft. Nut Kaze)
10.We On Fire (ft. Jaz Kahina)
11.Suicide Kingdom (feat. Bishop and Sicarii)
12.Freestyle 2 (ft. Dom Zilla)
13.There Goes The Sunshine (ft. Corporal Asskick and Rockaway Jah)
14.Watch the Throne (ft. Jesal)
15.Freestyle 3 (ft. Cheeba)
16.Thousands To Calm Me (ft. T. D. Francis)
17.Back 2 Basics (ft. John Graham)
18.For The Love (ft. Mark Deez and Arsenal)
19.Rose On Ya Grave (ft. Sicarii)
20.Make It (ft. Fatale)


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