Its been a long year, and I have worked long hours. I have been writing, producing and recording a project I consider my «Labor of Love.»During the process of creating this record I have gone through many personal tragedies, heart breaks, and set backs. I invite you to listen to these hardships and my attempt to use music as a form of therapy. You might have some fun, find some common ground to relate to, and maybe even a little good ol fashion Hip Hop…


1. Still Hip Hop ft. Dj Idull 01:04
2. My Two Cents ft. Playdough 03:36
3. DayBright 05:00
4. Ladder of Jacob 03:50
5. Long Road 05:17
6. Beautiful Princess 04:14
7. I Write 04:01
8. Heartship 03:08
9. Children Cry 02:49
10. Full Circle 04:07
11. Shadows 04:32
12. Do you Remember ft Glad2mecha, Ill Treats 02:50
13. Powder and Paint ft. Talent Kills 02:56
14. Whiskey Lullaby 02:58

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