Props to HHB


01. Bad Boyz (Prod. By Flip Da Soulfisher)
02. Forbidden Cloth Feat. Tristate, Banish Habitual & inDJnous (Prod. By 0Sirplus)
03. So Distinguished Feat. Definite Mass (Prod. By Sirplus)
04. Crime Syndicate (Prod. By Flip Da Soulfisher)
05. Black Dynamite (Prod. By Flip Da Soulfisher)
06. Grace Of The Gods Feat. Maylay Sage (Prod. By Flip Da Soulfisher)
07. I’m The Best (Prod. By Sirplus)
08. Uncharted Wisdom 2 Feat. Bars Fader (Prod. By Sirplus)
09. Egyptian Scripts Feat. Planet Asia (Prod. By Sirplus)
10. Hoolywood Scarlett Feat. Francesca (Prod. By Sirplus)
11. Lifting Me Higher (Prod. By Flip Da Soulfisher) 
12. Treacherous 3 Feat. Self O & Ophrap (Prod. By Sirplus)

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