1a. Forward
1b. 89.9 Megamix (Video Remix)  DJ Mix – DJ Shadow
2a. Anticipation
2b. From Finsta Bundy
3a. Yeah
3b.  Kiro  [Featuring] – Rino, Twigy
4a. What’s Behind Darkness
4b. From Futura 2000
5a. Freestyle 1
5b. From Stash
6a. To Be Continued
6b. Tobira-1  Featuring – Toshinori Kondo
7a. Fucked-Up Pendulum
7b. From Tragedy
7c. Jikan No Hashi 1
8. Freestyle 2
9. AM3:00TYO
10a. Duality  Featuring – DJ Shadow
10b. From Shawn J. Period
11a. Light (Can You See It?)  Featuring – Ken «Duro» Ifill
11b. 3rd Eye
11c. From DJ Cam
12. Dig This Vibe
13a. Le Temps  Featuring – DJ Cam
13b. 89.9 Megamix  DJ Mix – DJ Shadow
14. Only The Strong Survive  [Featuring] – C.L. Smooth
15. Real  [Featuring] – Tragedy
16. Shin-Sekai  [Featuring] – Rino
17. Kemuri

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