01. Introduction [Beat by Kachin]
02. Deadly Hymns (ft. Childish) [Beat by Space N Veda]
03. No Fear (ft. Edd Bundy & Louie Sad) [Beat by Medium]
04. The Apparatus (ft. Baby Jayne) [Beat by Super Ego]
05. Soul (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z.) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
06. Immortalization Commission (ft. Joey Menza) [Beat by Joey Menza]
07. Deadly With Thoughts (ft. Alpha Sigma & Louie Sad) [Beat by Sammael] – Cuts by DJ Coach 1
08. Been Trouble (ft. Supreme The Truth & Mordecai) [Beat by Darren G]
09. No Time Left (ft. Iguan & Katha) [Beat by Stradivarius]
10. Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies (ft. Baby Jayne) [Beat by SuperScrull]
11. Don’t Be Afraid (ft. Dr. VooDoo & Kryptic) [Beat by Jmin Beatz]
12. Infested (ft. 2032) [Beat by Guilty Smiles]
13. Dead Walking (ft. CVS The Horrorcorest) [Beat by Jmin Beatz]
14. Kill Yourself (ft. Edison Av) [Beat by Kozak]
15. Samurai’s Revenge (ft. Leftside Deafinit) [Beat by DzBeats]
16. Shogun Hobbies (ft. Eskr-One) [Beat by Kozak]
17. Bushido (ft. Iguan, Dr. Creep & Erks Orion) [Beat by Shu Melody]
18. Rejoonification (ft. Verb & Lenguarmada) [Beat by DJ Joon]
19. Death by Guillotine (ft. The Jotaka, Supreme The Truth & Kogeemo) [Beat by Space N Veda]
20. Silent Killers (ft. Baby Jayne & Treviso) [Beat by Cubeats]
21. Welcome Death (ft. Caprot) [Beat by K-Mack G]
22. Pray for Dawn (ft. Copywrite) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
23. Century of Death [Beat by JNyce]
24. Real Muthafuggin’ G (Domes Boogie Dis)

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