From the city boasting such ridiculous talent as The Narcicyst, D-Shade, Rugged Intellect, Loe Pesci, Maybe Watson, Oddeo, Prophecy and more (see Muzion, for instance) here’s a gem from their earlier days. Rugged Intellect and Prophecy had a group called Blitzkreague, D-Shade was still in Shades of Culture, Narcy, Loe Pesci and Apocalyptik formed Patrick Batemen, which was just before Narcy teamed up with his Iraqi brethren from another omm Habilis and Nofy (SandhiLL) to become Euphrates,  etc.etc.


01. Oddeo ft. Don LoeFontaine – Nine Maj is… (prod. Oddeo)
02. Nine Majesty – 6-Sick’s Verses (prod. SandhiLL)
03. Blitzkreague – Stargate (prod. SandhiLL)
04. Patrick Batemen – Aim at Building (prod. Apokalyptik)
05. Loe Pesci – Gotta Eat (prod. Frankie-F&F Productions)
06. Euphrates – Silk Robes (prod. SandhiLL)
07. Watson – Arbuste de ma Connerie (prod. Pea-Why – Freudian Slippers)
08. Loes & Oddeo – Dreaming Awake (prod. Oddeo)
09. Rugged Intellect – Introduction to… (prod. SandhiLL)
10. Euphrates – Iraqnaphobia (prod. SandhiLL, Cuts by DJ Xcape)
11. Loe Pesci & Apokalyptik – Blackbook (prod. Apokalyptik)
12. Watson & Proph – Showcases (prod. Watson)
13. Euphrates ft. Rugged Intellect – Shalom Alaikum (prod. SandhiLL)
14. Shade Of Culture – That’s Me (prod. Grand Theft)
15. Rugged I, Narce, Prophecy, Watson – Impromptu (prod. Watson)
16. Patrick Batemen – Imperial Vomit (prod. Vic Cabbage, Guitar by Dale Boyle, Sax by Brad Vines)
17. Crux Mottolo – What’s Not to Love (prod. Classic Pesci)

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