01. Sound of Chloe
02. Phalo Pantoja feat. Relic – The Cypher
03. Let Me Smell your Leather
04. The Disease of a Legendary man
05. Lullaby for the Grown up
06. Depths feat. Astro Briones
07. The Company of Wolves
08. Big Blue of the Mind
09. The Budd feat. Ellementt
10. Our Express After Midnight
11. Only One Master
12. Life Chabada feat. Ellementt
13. Rythm to Go
14. The Shade
15. Bad Santa
16. Temptation on the Danger Zone
17. Next on Deck feat. Natural Habitz
18. Facing the Unknow
19. The Celebration feat. Wildelux
20. Bogeyman in the Black Streets
21. So Beautifull feat. Wildelux
22. Phat Shoots
23. That’s Right feat. Meda
24. Happy end
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