01. Sin City feat. Kyza & D.Ablo
02. Karma feat. Karizma
03. New Day feat. Toplinerz
04. 5’7 pt. 2 feat. Tony D & Therapist
05. Heard About Me feat. Ali Vegas
06. Heresy feat. Triple Darkness & Kyza
07. For Heavens Sake feat. Kashmere
08. Cold feat. M9 & Skriblah
09. The Soul Survives feat. Verb T
10. City Of Satan feat. Manage, CLG, Big P & Nickels
11. Here I Am feat. Poisonous Poets
12. Paranoid Music feat. Mr Drastick, Stylah & Iron Braydz
13. Speakers Corner feat. Manage, Shameless, Lowkey, Doc Brown, Foreign Beggars & Skinnyman
14. Not In My Name feat. Chain Of Command
15. Fight Klub feat. Kyza
16. Give It Up feat. Mr Drastick
17. Rise Up feat. Manage (Bonus Track)
18. Mental Prisoners feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & M9 (Bonus Track)
19. What’s Your Poison? Feat. Stylah (Bonus Track)
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