Sonido de calidad con toques Jazz para el duo formado por 5th Sequence (Productor) y Serious George (MC) directamente de Portland.


01. Saturday Afternoon
02. Push The Crowd
03. Travelin
04. Original
05. The Formation
06  We Dance In France
07. Wandering Star
08. Mental Note
09. Sleepwalk And Beatbox Verse
10. Making A Beat
11. Whatchu Wanna Do?
12. Still Thirsty Verse
13. Northwest
14. Qurious vs. Serious George
15. Hooded Mic Experts ft. G Force
16. In A Blink Verse
17. On The Grind
18. Just Clownin Verse
19. Hold Me Back
20. Kick My Rhymes Right Now
21. Fireworks
22. Ill ‘94 Shit [EFEKT]
23. Walk Of Life [L PRO]
24. We Got The Jazz [TAZ]
25. Portland’s Getting Money [TAZ]
26. Can’t Adapt Freestyle
27. A Break For The Bboys
28. Mic Sounds Nice Freestyle
29. Goin For Mine Freestyle
30. Mental Note Remix

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