Raised in Harlesden and now based in Neasden north west London, Iron Braydz has long been considered one of the UK’s most skilled hip hop MC’s with a delivery & flow that demonstrates a superior level of wordplay and lyricism 

Drawing on his influences of Wu Tang, Immortal Technique, dead prez, Public Enemy & Nas, many of whom he has subsequently performed with either in the studio or on stage, he has also established a foothold in the international arena. Whether as part of DJ Ronin’s All Elements clik, receiving endorsements from legends such as DJ Marley Marl, or working with Sav Killz, Hasan Salaam, M1,Guilty Simpson and Sean Price, Braydz has earned his reputation as one of the most gifted lyricists to emerge from British shores. 

His impact within the British & European independent hip hop community has grown from largely self produced releases Devil May Cry (2010) and Holla @ Braydz (2012), though then, just as now, he also brought different flavours into the mix courtesy of producers such as Lewis Parker, Chemo and a range of new beatsmiths «on the up». 

Recently he has become a recognized face on the live circuit, whether performing or as Host for the night, and joined up with old sparring partners Melanin 9, Cyrus Malachi and Phoenix da Icefire to become the latest member of Triple Darkness. He was also seen in the video for Ohio rapper Copywrite’s release «Royal Flush» with Mystro and Genesis Elijah 

The new 10 track EP «Verbal sWARdz» has been a while in the making but is planned as the first of a series of releases taking place over the next year. Again largely self produced with further contributions from Ringz of Saturn, Agor and Daniel Taylor, Braydz’ rhyme skills throughout are of the highest caliber. Metaphors, wordplay, verbal dexterity, they’re all there in abundance ably assisted on occasion by features from Prince Po (Organised Konfusion), Kyza, Skriblah, Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik) and Triple Darkness’ Ray Vendetta, Cyrus Malachi and Solar Black (aka Phoenix da Icefire). Worthy of note also is the special appearance from Kiss FM’s DJ Shortee Blitz 

An artist equally at home in Brent or Brooklyn, the EP represents a snapshot of Iron Braydz now and of things to come while having his extended international family rub shoulders over 10 prime cuts representing the best elements of hip hop music.


1.Iron Braydz – Intro
2.Scorpion Sting ft Kyza
3.Crowbar HeadTopper w/ Solar Black & Ray Vendetta of Triple Darkness
4.Millenium ft Prince Po
6.Rambo ft Kyza & Skriblah
7.Firey Red ft Sean Price of Helta Skelta/Bootcamp Click
8.Dobermans ft Phat Kat aka Ronnie Euro
9.Rambo Relapse (rmx) ft Kyza, Skriblah, Black Crypton & Solar Black
10.Verbal sWARdz ft Cyrus Malachi

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