01. Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
02. Brew Akbar (Feat. Eddie Bones, Charlie Bawles & XL)
03. Gentleman And A Scholar (Feat. Celph Titled)
04. What You Think, What I Know
05. Blood Reign (Feat. B.A. Barakus, Jus Allah, L Dorado & Vinnie Paz)
06. Off The Chrome (Feat. Majik Most, Apathy & Celph Titled)
07. Rock (Remix) (Feat. Celph Titled, Big Oak, Nick Fury, Ryu & J-Zone)
08. Watching You (Remix) (Feat. D-Minor)
09. Don’t You Even Go There (Feat. Apathy & Celph Titled)
10. Fuck ‘Em
11. Resume
12. The Godz Must Be Crazy (Feat. Celph Titled, One Two, L-Fudge, Spin 4th, Metro, Open Mic, Rise, Motive, Esoteric, Jabberjaw & Apathy)
13. Exclusive
14. Idiot Gear (Remix) (Feat. D-Minor)
15. Starling’s Darling

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