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Lmited to 1,000 copies.
BAU Presents The Good Book Produced by The Alchemist & Budgie featuring Action Bronson, Domo Genesis, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, J Rocc, Mick Luter and A$ton Matthews.
The first project under BAU Music / All Is Fair Agency is an amazing boxset concept, produced by The Alchemist and Budgie (UK), which is housed in a faux book wrapped in leatherette featuring gold foil printing. Al and Budgie’s two separate, mostly instrumental, albums are built exclusively from gospel samples. The resulting beats, incredibly unique and original, provide a canvas for collaborations from Action Bronson, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, and others. A true collector’s piece, “The Good Book” shares the near religious experience many of us draw from hip-hop. Raw, secular sounds informed by powerful, communal songs.


Disc One: Budgie

01. The New Messiah
02. The Baddest
03. Brother Elijah
04. Heavenly Spirit
05. Church On Shrooms
06. Higher Than Before
07. With My Soul feat. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J.Rocc
08. Trees & The Sky feat. Mick Luter
09. Forgive Me
10. Praise
11. This Is Your Life… Or Is It?
12. A Thief In The Night
13. Don’t Need No Doctor
14. What You Want Me To Be
15. An Un-Holy Truth
16. Soul On Fire
17. So Good To Me
18. The Breakthrough
19. Party At The Tabernacle
20. Going Away
21. The Word Is $
22. Do Me Like Jesus
23. Sweet Sweet Spirit
24. Holy Trinitiplets
25. Affirmation

Disc Two: The Alchemist

01. Joyful Noise Intro
02. The Spirit Of God
03. Lord Pity Us All
04. I Make My Own Decisions
05. Holy Ghost Broom
06. The G Code feat. Action Bronson, Domo Genesis & Blu
07. Ball Of Clay
08. Thru The Eyes Of Christ
09. Lucifer
10. Praise Him
11. Telling Folk
12. In Heaven’s Home feat. Prodigy & Roc Marciano
13. We Expect You
14. The Good Deacon
15. Who Is He (I Believe)
16. Little Guy, Not A Midget
17. Everything
18. My God Is
19. Judgement Day
20. To Me
21. Beyond The Years
22. Going Home
23. Thank Jesus
24. Bonus Beats Part 1
25. Bonus Beats Part 2

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