COMING SOON…12″ single: 150/500 copies available on clear transparent vinyl.

New music from Lil Dap, member of the legendary Group Home along with the other half of the duo, Melachi the Nutcracker. Group Home came to prominence as members of the Gang Starr Foundation in the early 90’s. Lil’ Dap made his rhyming debut on Gang Starr’s classic Daily Operation on the song «I’m the Man». Both members appeared on Gang Starr’s critically acclaimed effort Hard to Earn, on the tracks «Speak Ya Clout» and «Words from the Nutcracker». In 1995, the group released its debut album, Livin’ Proof. The album was very well received and is entirely produced by DJ Premier. A second album, A Tear for the Ghetto was released in 1999.

Since then, little has been heard of the group. Lil’ Dap released a solo single, «Brooklyn Zone», in 2001, and guested on several other releases. As of 2007, Lil’ Dap became an independent artist. Now Lil Dap is back with a 12” single on KingUnderground/World of Dusty Vinyl. It’s entirely produced by “The Man with the Golden Sound” Lewis Parker, and indeed it’s a golden sound. The record features 3 joints including a remix and instrumentals to all the songs plus an accapella.

All vocals by Lil Dap (J.Heath) 
All tracks produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lewis Parker for the ever expanding “World of Dusty Vinyl/KingUnderground» at Sunnyside HQ. 
Cuts on “Code of Silence” by Pings. 
Cuts on «Self Esteem» by Lewis Parker. 
Lil Dap appears courtesy of Low Budget Environment Music BMI James Heath. 
Artwork/sleeve design by Richard ‘Bee’ Brown.
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