01. Lord Lhus – Drop This feat. Droogz Brigade (prod. by Al’Tarba)
USA x France
02. Lord Lhus – Volle Moane/Full Moon feat. Nachtkruper (prod. by Laupie Uno & cuts by DJ FLD)
USA x Belgium
03. Lord Lhus – Good Vibez feat. Reks (prod. & cuts by DJ Vinylman)
USA x Switzerland
04. Lord Lhus – Cries Of War feat. Perseverance & Grone Da Radikal (prod. by Nizuk)
USA x France
05. Lord Lhus – Mortal Kombat feat. Kruscifix (prod. by Komander & cuts by DJ Veritas)
USA x Slovakia
06. Lord Lhus – Stand Still feat. J Who, Malo, Persoonlijk (PSL), Shape MC & Faze (prod. by TReBeats)
USA x Switzerland x Netherlands
07. Lord Lhus – A Grand Declaration Of War feat. Billy White & Strick9 (prod. by Pheend Supreme)
08. Lord Lhus – Gäud feat. Dash (prod. by dl.orion)
USA x Switzerland
09. Lord Lhus – Zákazníci feat. eLKa (prod. & cuts by Dalda)
USA x Czech Republic
10. Lord Lhus – Painful Truth feat. Kasseb, Ali Dahesh & Unknown Mizery (prod. by Ali Dahesh)
USA x Canada x Iran
11. Lord Lhus – Raw Style feat. Group Therapy & N’ (prod. by Group Therapy)
USA x Switzerland
12. Lord Lhus – Schafseckel feat. LXcellent (prod. by Sikk of Genetikk)
USA x Switzerland
13. Lord Lhus – Full Blown Chaos feat. Wyze Mindz, Venom & Malikiah (prod. by Eternel & cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
USA x Germany
14. Lord Lhus – Operation Hammerschlag feat. Finest Skillz & Abroo (prod. by SoulSeller Beats & cuts by DJ Maxim)
USA x Germany
15. Lord Lhus – Violins Of Blood feat. Fubar & Hutch Devil (prod. by DJ Rhum’1 & cuts by DJ Twisted)
USA x France
16. Lord Lhus – Mutanaf-Ass feat. Mind Techniques, Tha Solomonic, JP, Sefs & SM (prod. by Geesbeats & Jazz Tha Process)
USA x Switzerland x Saudi Arabia
17. Lord Lhus – Embodiment Of Evil feat. Gutta, Empne, EQ & Pole (prod. by TReBeats & cuts by D-Cypha)
USA x Greece x Switzerland
18. Lord Lhus – This Is For Y’all (remix) feat. Eternel & Unkn?wn (prod. by Art Aknid & cuts by The White Shadow Of Norway)
USA x France x Norway
19. Lord Lhus – Das Ist Nicht Rap (remix) feat. Zeugen Des Wahnsinns (prod. by Sicktunes & cuts by DJ Lowhorst)
USA x Germany
20. Lord Lhus – Fate (remix) feat. Apacalypze (prod. by Komander)
USA x Slovakia
21. Lord Lhus – Illegal Transactions (remix) feat. Eversor & Rival (prod. by Eversor & cuts by DJ Cut Brawl)
USA x Greece x France
22. Lord Lhus – Repeat feat. Crop, Unknown Mizery & Dezz (prod. by Sicktunes)
USA x Germany x Canada

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