Props to Dez-Flight


1. I Squeez (feat. Grand Agent)
2. Here We Are (feat. Soulstice, Main Flow & DJ Nixon)
3. The Message (feat. PMD, Flynt, Akhenaton, Lil Dap, & Chinch 33)
4. Back In The Dayz (feat. Kouzumin, El Da Sensei, Paloalto & DJ Venum)-
5. R To The X (feat. RADIx)
6. Pieces To The Puzzle (feat. Rasco & Chinch 33)
7. Warning (feat. Dadoo & DJ P)
8. Survival Challenge (feat. Reks, Kool Sphere, Krumb Snatcha & Chinch 33)
9. No Doubtz (feat. Phil The Agony, Saigon & J-Hood)
10. Ecrans De Fumee (feat. Scylla)
11. What’s The World Needs Now (feat. Caxton Press)
12. Then And Now (feat. Tribeca, Kwote1 & Prime)
13. W.W.W. Part 2 (feat. Rhyme-A)
14. Street Life (feat. Gys, Demi Portion & Phileas Flow)
15. Lesson (feat. Masta Ace, Vorheez, Freestyle & Chinch 33)
16. Rap Life (feat. Eric Sosa, Otis Clap, Top $ Raz)
17. En Roue Libre (feat. A.T.K, Gwenzel, Faycal, Tupan & DJ Venum)
18. Secret (feat. SonReal) (Bonus)


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