Props to Fats Eardrums


 01. H.A.S.H?! (Intro) (prod. by TaeOne)
 02. Riggity Raw (prod. by The Dirty Turk)
 03. The Livest Poet (prod. by Psycho Les, cuts by Debonair P)
 04. Impact (prod. by Torchbaras)
 05. Rock N Rol (prod. by N1 Illa)
 06. Reservoir Dogs feat. New York Rhyme Exchange & Eturnal (prod. by Lyve, cuts by DJ Brown13)
 07. Phonte Speaks (Interlude) (prod. by E-Noids)
 08. Keep Calm (prod. by The Dirty Turk)
 09. LEX Laurenovich feat. Meyhem Lauren (prod. by Buck, cuts by DJ Young C)
 10. Hostile (prod. by SEASRA23)
 11. Yesh Speaks (Interlude)
 12. Nighttime Grime (prod. by Buck)
 13. Uglyface (prod. by E-Noids)
 14. Hear Me Out (prod. by The Dirty Turk)
 15. Hip Hop Alphabet (prod. by Domingo)
 16. Straight Queens Action feat. Timeless Truth (prod. by Buck, cuts by Debonair P)
 17. This Is It (prod. by Torchbaras)
 18. Terror (prod. by E-Noids)
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