Gracias a Ghwueasck


1. Musique (Produced by Panik of Molemen)
2. The Long Awaited (Produced by Luka Beats)
3. Sick Basturds (ft Kaz Hustle) (Produced by White Shadow)
4. Thirteen and A Half (Produced by Aak.Da.God)
5. Bar Fight (Produced by Velvet Sick)
6. The Haunted (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Shazam X)
7. Bow Your Heads (ft Dell G) (Produced by Shazam X)
8. Real Rap Raw (ft Bigg Limn & Powder) (Produced by Crown)
9. Bomb Ya Spot (Produced by Luka Beats)
10. Stalemate (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Level 13)
11. Boot Camp (Produced by Aak.Da.God)
12. Pandemic (ft DChesron) (Produced by Keor Meteor)
13. Glorious (Produced by Soul Theory)
14. Boundless (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Ahreef Beats)
15. Cosmic Travelers (Cuts by White Shadow) (Produced by Pyrit)
16. No Regrets (ft Sarah J) (Produced by Level 13)
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