The Artist Sapient is already an established artist, as both a producer and a member of Northwest heavies The Sandpeople. In 2009, he produced and released an album with Luckyiam of the Living Legends, called The Prime, and released multiple albums under the name Debaser (5), with childhood friend Ethic. He has collaborated with rap  including Cage, Eyedea, POS, Living Legends, Grouch, and Grayskul, and has produced for indie rap behemoths such as Aesop Rock, Slug of Atmosphere, Souls Of Mischief, and many, many more. 


1. In.Tro
2. 12.43
3. Sunshineo2
4. Beauty Wasted
5.  Separate
6. Crust.Bread
7. Cant Weight
8. Niche Featuring – Ethic
9. Dry Puddles
10. Lud-Politics
11. Conditioned Reflex
12. Faithful Destruction
13. I Didnt…
14. Succumb
15. Farming Dopeness
16. Shook 2.3 (Instrumental)
17. Caires
18. Foul World
19. Foundation Against The Wind
20. Dreamstate
21. Porches Of Life
22. Share The Wealth
23. Breaking Down
24. Predators
25. Lift
26. A Going
27. End.Tro

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