Props heartless


1 Freedumb of Speech
2 What’s Real
3 The World Ain’t Televised (feat. Diabolic)
4 Gut Check Time
5 DJ Skip Interlude (feat. Quinn C. Martin)
6 Hey DJ (feat. Alicia Cinnamon)
7 Donkey Serenade
8 4 My City (feat. Choclair)
9 The War Is On (feat. Nameless)
10 In the Game (feat. Grinz)
11 Marked for Death (feat. Killah Priest)
12 Permanent Damage (feat. Mohammed Escrow & Kingkade)
13 Fed Up
14 Cry Now (feat. Dre Barrs)
15 Black Leaders (feat. Frankie Payne & Specs)
16 Representin Canada (feat. Madchild & Robbie G)
17 Needle in a Haystack
18 Fade to Dust (feat. Soul)

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