Side A
The real Motha fuckin intro
Ras-Kass- Soul on ice
Mobb deep feat Methodman – Extortion
Jeru the damaja – Scientifical madness
Keith murray feat deff squad – Yeah!!
Hi tech – 24/7
Lil kim – Queem bitch
Originoo gunz clapaz feat Sadat x – Wild cowboys
Jungle brothers fear Native thonges – How ya waint it
Ghost face killa – Fish
Mama Mystique – Tremendous
M.O.P – Amticipation
P.M.D . Leave your style cramped
Emmigrands – Beat box greestyle
Side B
Gauge geat Cella dwellas – Cranium
Shaq feat Rakim – Game of death
Redman feat k-solo – Its like that
Sadar X – The lump lump
X-Zibit feat mobb deep – Eyes may Shine
Redman feat Jhony blaze – Do what ya feeñ
Lunatic – le Crime paaye
Bush babees feat de la soul – the love song
A tribe called quest feat faith evans – Stressed out
Group therapy . East coast west coast killas
Foxy brown feat Methodman . ill na na
The real motha fuckin outro
Radio Justicia Cabrones!!
UC Records
Comunidad Justicia
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