1.Intro (Prod. by Ganjak)
2.Art Of Work (Prod. by Ganjak)
3.What We’re Talkin’ About (Prod. by I.N.C.H.)
4.The Dawn Of Nemesis (Prod. by Ganjak)
5.Bounce (Prod. by Fonka)
6.Autopsy Room (Prod. by Ganjak)
7.Burying the Hatchet (Prod. by Clifftop Vandalz)
8.Mash Out (Prod. by Toksik)
9.Contagion feat. Mark Deez, Reef The Lost Cauze & Nico The Beast (Prod. by Ganjak)
10.Dimensional Transition (Prod. by Fonka)
11.Settin’em Higher (Prod. by Ganjak)
12.Escape From Monotony feat. Paradame (Prod. by Magic Boy)
13.Arms Race feat. J-Spine (Prod. by Ganjak)
14.Toksik Ice Picks (Prod. by Toksik)
15.Uncut n’ True (Prod. by A June & J Beat)
16.One by One (Here I Come) (Prod. by Ganjak)
17.Shadow Affects (Prod. by White Shadow)
18.Distinct Murderers feat. Mark Deez (Prod. by Ganjak)
19.Administered Hit feat. Esoteric (Prod. by Jake)
20.Look In The Sky (Prod. by Mista Maff)
21.Slave to Sin (Prod. by Ganjak)
22.Rotten Theory- Growing Placebos(Double Feature) (Prod. by Ganjak)
23.Madman (Prod. by Ganjak)


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