01. Intro [Beat by Cleno Jovanni]
02. Tomb of Horrors (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by Edd Bundy]
03. Blood Crawl (ft. Verb) [Beat by Explicito]
04. Sword of Damocles (ft. RyPa) [Beat by Kachin]
05. Valley of the Emperors (ft. Kwote1) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
06. Dead by Dawn (Interlude) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
07. All The Time (ft. Ascian, Onse) [Beat by Shu Melody]
08. Forged in Chaos (ft. Lenguarmada) [Beat by Artifact]
09. Dwell in Darkness (ft. Alpha Sigma) [Beat by DJ Rhum’1]
10. Armor of Vengeance (ft. Cheyenne, Secret Swords) [Beat by Voider-One]
11. Riders of the Dark [Beat by Dseize]
12. Outro [Beat by MHandBack]

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