01. Gravel Engravement Intro 
02. Part of the Learning 
03. Raw, Rugged-n-Ruff
04. Coming for the Taking 
05. Welcome to the Underground
06. When Im Engraving
07. Claim My Piece 
08. Concrete Blues 
9. Live and Breathe (feat. Robbie P) 
10. Poison Versus the Remedy (feat. Doc Remedy) 
11. Let the Horns Play 
12. Warriors Way (feat. Godilla & Pryme Prolifik) 
13. My Time 
14. Cypher Complete
15. Tall Tales (feat. Absoulut Karnage & Adlib) 
16. Padlocked (feat. DJ Madhandz on the Cuts) 
17. Mic Check C-L-E (feat. Drastic, Vigatron & Razorblade) 
18. Gutter Rap Specialist (feat. DJ Madhandz on the Cuts) 
19. Not Depending on None

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