1.Xibalba Be (Intro)
2.Knowledge Apocalypse ft. Enterprize (Produced by Anno Domini)
3.Twilight of the Godz (Produced by Fascists Beats )listen download
4.Shamanism (Produced by Don Valentino)
5.Agents of Chaos (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
6.Darkmen (Produced by Snake vs Crane)
7.Guerrilla Assassins (La Revolution) ft. Sicko Soldado (Produced by Snake vs Crane)
8.The Gates of Heaven (Produced by Anno Domini)
9.Orions Belt (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
10.3rd Eye (Stardust) (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
11.Wrath of Heaven (Produced by White Shadow)
12.Dimensional Shifters (Produced by Scorpio 61)
13.Sicilian Gladius (Produced by Macabean the Rebel)
14.7th Kingdom (Produced by X-Rayted Assassin)
15.Men with No Name (Produced by Snake vs Crane)
16.Reign Supreme ft. El.A.Kwents (Produced by El.A.Kwents)
17.The Fall of Baphomet (Produced by Amos the Ancient Prophet)
18.Dark Testament Outro
19.Insurrection ft. The Jotaka (Produced by Snake vs Crane) BONUS

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