01. The Killers Introduction (Produced By Trace Element)
02. Shut Em Down Feat. Dubbs (Produced By Anno Domini)
03. Ikonik Pharoahs Feat. Apathy (Produced By Undefined)
04. Contract Killers Feat. Crooked I, Chino Xl & Dubbs (Produced By Anno Domini & Scare Beatz)
05. Pure Power (Produced By Anno Domini)
06. Foul Child (Produced By Anno Domini)
07. This Is Me Feat. Vinnie Paz, Bronze Nazareth & Dubbs (Produced By Anno Domini)
08. The Daily Word (Produced By Diract)
09. Self Destructing Me (Prroduced By Trace Element)
10. Love Long Lost (Produced By Diract)
11. Box Cutter Anthem (Produced By Anno Domini & Scare Beatz)
12. Trace Of Blood Feat. Outerspace (Produced By Undefined)
13. Invasion Feat. Maylay Sparks & Rock Spitz (Produced By Diract)
14. Toast To Lost Souls (Produced By Trace Element)
15. Reality Feat. Ras Kass (Produced By C-Sick, Cuts By Dj Lowkey The Outlaw)
16. Ms.Euphoria Bliss (Produced By Anno Domini)
17. Scripture Feat. Killah Priest (Produced By Anno Domini)
18. Torture Music Feat. Dubbs (Produced By Vherbal)
19. Sleeper Hold (Produced By Diract)
20. Judgement Call (Produced By Anno Domini)
21. This Is Me (Remix) Feat. Vinnie Paz, Dubbs & Bronze Nazareth (Produced By Diract)

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