1. Road To Execution (feat. DJ Vinoss) (prod. Junior Makhno)
2. Biohazard (prod. Blaq Masq)
3. The Hunter (prod. Junior Makhno)
4. Fallout Weaponry (prod. Apoka Undaground)
5. Pandemic (feat. Lone Ninja & DJ Madhandz) (prod. Blaq Masq)
6. Rick Grimes (prod. Dr Creep)
7. The System (feat. Young Solow & DJ TMB) (prod. tunnA Beatz)
8. Mortal Mistakes (feat. 3rd Eye The Anomoly & Chemist) (prod. Kozak)
9. Game Invasion (feat. Joey Baggs, Danegurous & DJ TMB) (prod. Junior Makhno)
10. Doomed Circles (feat. Mighty Kalipssus) (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
11. Riders Of The Storm (feat. One Man Army) (prod. Junior Makhno)
12. Formulated (prod. Dr Creep)
13. Pyramid Sacrifice (prod. Dr Creep)
14. A Global Revolt (feat. Edd Bundy, Supreme The Truth & DJ TMB) (prod. Hood Kings)
15. Mind Rape (prod. Nakmuay)
16. Troubled Society (feat. Young Solow) (prod. Adi Beatz)
17. Quantum Leap (prod. Apoka Undaground)
18. Watch History Bleed (feat. JKrazy & One Man Army) (prod. Junior Makhno)
19. Nuclear Battleground (feat. Young Solow) (prod. SpikeKillah)
20. War With Gods (feat. Chemist, Fubar, 3rd Eye The Anomoly & DJ TMB) (prod. SpikeKillah)
21. Nea World Machine (prod. Analogue Wunda)
22. Land Of Legends (prod. Dr Creep)
23. Rise Of The Storm (prod. Amos The Ancient Prophet)
24. Into The Fray (Outro) (prod. 3X!L3)

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