Props to TOX


1. Intro (Produced by Eternel)
2. Seagramz 7 (Ft Qualm and Uligy) (Produced by Eternel)
3. It’s Time (ft Eternel and Chessrock aka Lord Lhus) (Produced by Eternel)
4. Lyrical War (Ft Syckotikz and Absolut) (Produced by Absolut)
5. Deadly Intelligent (Ft 7-6) (Produced by Eternel)
6. Mind Struggle (Ft IMP, X-Calibur & Kojack) (Produced by Kojack)
7. Bloodshed (Ft The Infantry) (Produced by Eternel)
8. Street Walker (Ft Syckotikz, 7-6, Absolut, Qualm, & Uligy) (Produced by Eternel)
9. Fuck A Gun (Ft Unknown, Qualm, Profit X) (Produced by Eternel)
10. We Syckotik (ft Syckotikz) (Produced by Eternel)
11. Battlerappa (ft Fatha Death) (Produced by Eternel)
12. Roundtable (ft Syckotikz, Jack Synister & Muk) (Produced by Chess Rock aka Lord Lhus)
13. Unspoken (ft Absolut, Eternel & Uligy) (Produced by Eternel)
14. Demon & Devil (ft Unknown and Chess Rock aka Lord Lhus) (Produced by Eternel)
15. Woke Up (ft Profit X) (Produced by Profit X)
16. Underearth Dwellaz (ft Eternel, Absolut & Chess Rock aka Lord Lhus) (Produced by Eternel)

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