2.Off Da Back Burnah
3.Bring It Back
4.Cerve69 Drop
5.Get It Right
6.Taizir Drop
7.Peace Of My Anatomy
8.Body Bagz (Feat. Righteouz Knight)
9.Jesus Has To Be Lord (Interlude)
10.Put’em Up
11.Mayelin Drop
12.Immortal Kombat Cypha (Feat. Arquette, Jo_Nathan, Anonymous & P.K.)
13.Righteouz Knight Drop
14.Send In The Locusts (Feat. FreeStyle Fam)
15.Holy Ducketz
16.DJ I Rock Jesus (Interlude)
17.Jesus The Judge (Interlude)
18.Y.P. aka Young Paul Drop
19.Monkey Barz (Feat. Y.P. aka Young Paul)
20.Unethical Ideology
21.Regenerit Drop
22.The Standard (Feat. Regenerit)
23.Amenz Drop
24.Sound The Alarm (Feat. Righteouz Knight)
25.DK The Watchman Drop
26.So Many Times (Feat. DK The Watchman, Y.P. aka Young Paul & Righteouz Knight)
27.Conquest & Rkitect Drop
28.Representatives (Feat. Conquest & Rkitect)
29.Da Welcome Mat (Feat. DJ Average Joe)
30.Psalm 107 (Feat. 3D Remedy)

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