01. No Parallel [Prod. by Reef Ali]
02. Together (ft. DJ Grazzhoppa) [Prod. by DJ Grazzhoppa]
03. Bang Out (ft. DJ Green Lantern) [Prod. by Reef Ali, co-prod. by BURNTmd & Noah Young]
04. Lock Me Up (ft. Pacemon, Mr Green & Snoop Dogg) [Remix] {Prod. by Point Blank}
05. Let’s Get Ill (ft. Reef The Lost Cauze, Copywrite, REKS, & Phil The Agony) [Prod. by !llmind]
06. Building Blocks (ft. Keith Murray & DJ Grazzhoppa) [Prod. by Reef Ali]
07. Auschwitz [Prod. by Reef Ali]
08. Stand Back (ft. Planet Asia, Phil the Agony & Krondon) [Prod. by J.Glaze]
09. Opium Guide (ft. DJ Grazzhoppa) [Prod. by Reef Ali]
10. Set the Rules (ft. DJ Green Lantern) [Prod. by J.Glaze]
11. Wrapped Up [Prod. by DigDug}
12. Soul Snatcha (t. Phil the Agony & Touchphonics) [Remix] {Prod. by J. Glaze}
13. The Chase [Prod. by Soul Theory]
14. Lights Out (prod. by Tha Professor)
15. World of Words (ft. Learic, Wombaticus Rex, & DJ Grazzhoppa) [Prod. by Es-k]
16. Smugglers Notch REdux (ft. Keith Murray) [Prod. by Reef Ali]
17. Bang Bang (Prod. by J.Glaze)
18. Microphone Doctor [Prod. by Reef Ali]
19. Its a Wrap [Prod. by Reef Ali]
20. War & Peace (ft. Learic) [Prod. by Reef Ali]
21. Authentic (ft. Keith Murray, Phil the Agony, & Timbo King) [Prod. by DJ Toshi]
22. Good World (Prod. by Touchphonics)
23. Erase the Odds (ft. Spliff Hemingway) [Prod. by Empyr]
24. Zombie Apocalypse (ft. LoDeck) [Prod. by Will Taubin]
25. Zombie Apocalypse (Part II) [ft. LoDeck] {Prod. by Will Taubin}
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