1.I Give This To You ft Al Styles Noetic, Bossman Hogg, Bo Roc of Dove Shack (Produced by Dae One)
2.Styles Upon Styles – Sabotawj, Black Saint, Randola, Visual (Produced by Rath Khy)
3.Mayhem – Sabotawj, Block Exchange (RHBless x Duss Smitto), Fudgalino (Produced by Bluntmaster)
4.Fly Sh%t – Sabotawj, Ill Knob, K9, Z2DAO, Bo Roc of Dove Shack (Produced by D Roc)
5.One More Spin – Sabotawj, Spitshine, Junia T, Kofi Kain (Produced by Junia T)

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