1. Kick-Off
2. The Declaration (Water Pressure)
3. Vibin’ Featuring – Midas Weldo
4. Got ‘Em Sayin’ (Turn It Up) Co-producer – Forekast Featuring] – Invincible
5. Living Life
6A. Trouble
6B. Be Expectin’ Us (Interlude)
7. F.E.V.E.R. Featuring – Brandon Bulletshells, Magestik Legend, One Man Army Scratches – CliffNotes
7. Sweats And Kicks On My Mind
8A. The Loveliest
8B. Hot Box (Part 1)
9. Sweats And Kicks
10. Don’t It?
11.Trust And Believe
12A. I Ain’t Worried
12B. Superhuman
13. Unconscious (Whachuthinkinabout?)
14A. Automatic
14B. Hot Box (Part 2)
15. Legendary Athletes
15. Later… 

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