1.My Father (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 01:26
2.Only the Chosen (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 03:03
3.Eternal Greatness (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 03:20
4.Forever be Free (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 02:39
5.Golden Ratio (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 02:26
6.Hardcore Elegance (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 03:29
7.Ultra Man 7 (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 02:34
8.Terrestrial Extraterrestrial (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 02:03
9.Enter the Stargate (Prod by. Lord Gamma) 03:23
10.Brutal Fatalities (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 02:44
11.My Best of Friends (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 02:50
12.Sword vs Spear (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 03:25
13.Selfish Mother Fuckers (Prod by: Lord Gamma) 03:07
14.This is only the Beginning (Prod by: Lord Beatjitzu) 00:33
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