01.bloodborn enemy feat. vinnie paz
02.deathbed doctrine feat. vinnie paz
03.terror feat. vinnie paz and demoz 
04.evil deeds feat. demoz and des devious practice (shuko remix) feat. vinnie paz 
06.weapon of unholy war feat. vinnie paz 
07.godzilla feat. celph titled vinnie paz apathy and planetary 
08bullshit feat. block mccloud and demunz 
09.seance of shamens feat. outerspace vinnie paz and doap nixon 
10.imperial tyranny feat. vinnie paz and king magnetic 
11.praise feat. block mccloud hell razah and king sod 
12.euthanasia feat. reef the lost cauze and sicknature 
13.chalice feat. vinnie paz and chip fu 
14.the strike line feat. king syze diabolic and reef out feat. king magnetic steele vinnie paz and esoteric 
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