01.Crazy Man ft. Celph Titled & Block McCloud
02.Return Of The Renaissance ft. Hell Razah
03.You Don’t Wanna Fuck Wit ft. Havoc (Unreleased Mix)
04.Diablos ft. Celph Titled, Louis Logic & J.J. Brown
05.Mad Ammo ft. Celph Titled
06.Bottom Feeders ft. Cage (Unreleased Mix)
07.Hold Up ft. Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers
08.Pipe Dreams ft. Bekay
09.Three Greats ft. Kool G Rap & Reef The Lost Cauze (Unreleased Mix)
10.Homecoming Queen ft. Mr. Eon
11.Nosebleed ft. Vinnie Paz
12.Betcha Life ft. The High & Mighty
13.Crazy Man ft. Block McCloud & Celph Titled (Bonus Remix)
14.Nosebleed ft. Vinnie Paz (JBL The Titan Remix) 
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