1. Rise Above
2. Black Metal (featuring Ill Bill & Sick Jacken)
3. I’m Gon’ Ride (featuring Datin)
4. Bring Back The Raw Hip Hop (featuring Sicknature & Ill Bill)
5. Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill)
6. Breaking Point (featuring RADIx)
7. Some Day (featuring Big Steele)
8. The Hitman’s Code (featuring Jise One & Durte)
9. Don’t Touch That Dial (featuring Ill Bill)
10. Frank151 Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac & Necro)
11. Urban Gorillas (featuring Vinnie Paz & Sabac)
12. Canarsie Artie’s Brigade (featuring Ill Bill, Goretex & Necro)
13. Street Villains 2 Freestyle (featuring Ill Bill)
14. Brooklyn South (featuring Nems)
15. Disposition (featuring Kemo The Blaxican)
16. The Game (featuring Axtext)
17. I’m a B-Boy (featuring Artson & Wiggles)  

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