Derek “TruthSeekah” Grosskurth is a Hip Hop artist whose knowledge about esoteric and spiritual subjects are infused throughout the medium of music and lyricism. In his music, TruthSeekah pioneers a new sound with rhythmic, mystic Hip Hop beats while staying true to the Southern flows that he has been known to produce. TruthSeekah has been inspired by greats like Manly P Hall, Jordan Maxwell, Santos Bonacci and Michael Tsarion, who have also endorsed his music. The influence he has experienced from these spiritual and esoteric authorities as well as many others are apparent throughout the lyrics as well as the meanings of signs and symbols woven throughout the music. TruthSeekah’s message is of Light, Love and Overstanding. The recent release of the best-selling album Awaken The Fire on 4/20/12 through The Lost Children of Babylon completes the convergence of the Man and the the Music. 

TruthSeekah also hosts a 2 hour internet radio podcast entitled The Awakening where he holds open discussion talks with some of today’s leading artist and researchers in esoteric and occult phenomenon. 


1. Intro / Spiritual Alchemy
2. Mystic Mind
3. Wingardium Leviosa feat Aslan
4. Doors To The Unseen feat Beast 1333
5. Esoteric Agenda
6. Syncretism feat Savage Trinity & E-Truth
7. Atmosphere feat Tavren & King James
8. 7 stars feat Tehuti Mos & Tha Hollaboy
9. Fossilized Customs feat Great Capacity & Tha Voyce
10. Flight of The Navigator feat Rasul Allah 7 (LCOB)
11. Spirit Awakening feat One Man Army, Alexander the Great & Psycho Mind
12. Sometimes They Come feat SA-115 & Tha Voyce

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